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little fast good and good for united national food, the food distributors of the-- >> when have you had a french fry. >> he's like choking on it. overpriced. >> brenda: fast food, fast show. coming up cavuto on business, he will neil, take it away. >> and california, texas and new york, going to south dakota, oregon, washington, and michigan and then we're going to washington d.c. to take back of white house, ooh! >> dude, ooh! >> turns out the screamer is a sooth sayer and this stock really does know what's up. because this idea, only the rich are going to end up paying more for all of this big government, stick is syringe in it, bend over, this is going to hurt. (laughter) welcome everybody, i am'm neil cavuto and leave it to a
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doctor to give us a dose of reality. and howard dean knows how to scream and apparently he knows how to count. >> somebody has to till the middle class either your taxes are going up or programs are going to get cut or we're going into financial oblivion and nobody really wants to tell them that. >> nobody, there's the diagnosis, you want big government, you've got to pay for big government and with more than a trillion bucks going out than coming in, yea! the doctor's prescription is right. i know it's poor, i just like doing it. and that's our dilemma, we cut or hike, what are you going to get? to ben stein, charles payne, to dagen mcdowell, to adam lashinsky, and charles payne speaks words of wisdom. >> listen, we've got hiked. 116 million americans feeling that pain and i think the point is it's interesting between what howard dean has to say and what the new york times has to stay this week is that they're trying, i guess, to get the rest of the country to know, listen, we're going
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after those rich bastards who somehow nefariously took the money and you're going to have to chip in, too, we will have a giant society with all kinds of goodies and utopian things and the eye on top and be benevolent and all you have to do is wear a spandex uniform and walk around brainless and we'll do the west. >> i would have remembered the spandex thing. all right, dagen, what do you make of that? >> i think at least howard dean is telling the truth and could have shown more energy in that interview that he gave. but it flies in the face of what you hear from the white house and the president that somehow the rich can foot the bill, with lyhigher taxes for all of this and what we've been talking about in the show. if you want big government you'll figure out a way to pay for it and almost half of america has paid no federal income tax net. so they're going to end up paying something, and come hell or high water, they will pay. >> well, you know, they always say, better late to the water than completely missing the
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party, but the fact of the matter is, howard dean didn't say any of this stuff before the election, and grateful he's now reminding us, ben stein, of basic math right now. i don't know certainly, if there's the official appetite now to tell the middle class he's right. >> well, i don't think there's ever a good time to tell people their taxes are going to be raised. it's absolutely true. you've been off torturing me on this show for years, we've got to raise taxes on everyone, the rich can afford it more than the middle class. and taxes are going to have to go up and-- >> and ben, they're saying they have to go up because we have no will to cut spending. >> we have no will to cut spending, we should cut spending and we're not going to cut spending, we have got to raise taxes, it's been a high spending, low tax government for way too long. the party is over, sorry, the party is over, we've got to pay taxes now. >> can i interrupt with this? yeehaw! adam, is ben right and
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is the good doctor right? >> well, he's right about the messaging of all of this, and the president doesn't want to say this. the republicans don't want to say it, but don't believe it. republicans don't want to raise taxes for any reason whatsoever because they already-- >> they just did. >> well, and that's exactly where i want to -- where i want to go with it. so, i think what the good doctor is not looking at is is that-- >> by the way, call him the good doctor, i have no idea if he was in fact a good doctor. >> if he was, i don't think he was a very good doctor. but we know that-- >> i'm kidding. >> and we know you love to replay the scream from 2004, we all love to replay that, but taxes are going on not just on the rich bastards that charles represents. >> and right, and on-- neil, the affordable care act, i refuse to call it obamacare, will raise taxes on everybody. the payroll tax going up raises taxes on everybody.
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so, whether or not the politicians say so, it is happening and i agree with ben, it's a good thing it's happening and it it has to happen. >> i don't know if it's a good thing that it's happened. i think it's the fact na if he had to-- >> it has to happen. it has to happen. >> but arithmetic has a certain power that cannot be defined. >> here is where i fight the arithmetic and we can see we have to pay more in taxes because we don't have the will to resolve or interest in cutting the size of government the way it is now, that he we might as well just surrender, than get more out of it. >> well, i'm afraid, i'm afraid something like that is going to have to happen. i mean, we have been voting to spend more and more and more for decades now, we've been cutting taxes drastically since mr. bush took office, we're going to have to raise taxes and a lot of us are going to have to turn over our wallets and the government has a great business plan to do that. make us do it at the point of a gun. we've got the federal penitentiary, and we're going
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to be pushed around by government and happening a long time and it's going to keep happening. >> yeehaw, that's scary! >> i've got him, i've got it. and dagen, do you think the that part of the message here is that howard dean is trying to push the president sooner rather than later? get it out there. you and i both love big government. we're big fans of what you're doing and amassing, and get it out there to charles' point that if you like the would you feel things, it's in your interest. everybody, to pay more for it? >> part of that, i think, that the republicans can take a-- take away from what howard dean is saying, as well, in the sense of like, okay, it's your choice. cut spending or higher taxesment you want infrastructure spending then you have to pay more in gas taxes, you like the fact that you have all of this medicare, that you get all of these services? well, the american people are going to have to pay more for that, that is your choice and
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you laid out the argument that way, i think at least we would be able to make an honest decision about, i am willing to give this up. i am willing to give this up and we would be able to cut spending in a way we haven't been. >> you know the irony of all of this, charles, push comes to shove, and everything that mitt romney said, you know, we talked about the 47%, you could argue that the people who got their nose out of joint are targeting me, i'm a military people, or talking to me, a retiree all very good argument that you given your contribution to society and given a good deal of money and taxes to society. what he was saying and how did this get to the point we're-- half of us are close to not paying any federal income taxes and sure enough, you have someone like howard dean come along and say that can't continue. >> ben just said we voted more and more over the last years, but the "we" part of it the
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part that romney talked about voted for more taxes weren't voting for themselves to pay more taxes. what happens when the "we" actually have to put more skin in the game because they're going to have to put more skin in the game. the problem with all of this, guys, it em boldens more spending. this is a big problem. higher taxes don't negate spending, in other words, if we've raised the taxes a trillion, the government would spend 2 trillion. it's like giving a crack addict more crack and saying, somehow, this will make him stop. it's not. this is an idea that the higher taxes go, the higher they have to go. >> and charles, you're predicting the end of america and i cannot be that pessimistic, and i think we've got more responsibility than that. >> i don't want to say be pessimistic, look at human nature and france unemployment over 7% and running the people out of the country that actually make money and we can see for our own eyes-- >> not all of them, charles, but there's a differents. >> no great self--- >> listen, more billionaires
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in moscow and beijing than anything, all of france combined. the rest of the world gets it it and the rest crumble under the fairness doctrine. >> you're not going to say china is light ner terms of taxation than the u.s. basically the chinese state owns the whole country and that's hardly a low tax society. look, this countries is tapeable of great acts of discipline? great acts of discipline. >> the first discipline would be to elect someone who's honest with us and say you know what, aim going to cut spending. we've got to take some pain at some point. there's a limit how much we can tax each other. >> you want to hear ben howl like howard dean, take the interest deductions. >> and by the way, you seem upset, so i want to work around that. when we come back, forget about getting on the wrong side of these super heroes, it's in family you have to worry about, because the
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>> hi, everyone, we're glad you're with us, live from america's news headquarters and i'm jamie colby, fox news received new details on the government's plan to expand the use of so-called mini drones inside the u.s. we're learning the federal aviation administration has granted 327 licenses for those and projects as many as 10,000 could be licensed by 2017. now, these drones will most likely be used by local police and first responders and said to be small, about 20 pounds or less and they cannot be armed. critics argue the mini drones
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raise concerns about privacy. we're keeping an eye on the weather in the northeast, getting ready for a third weekend a snow already blaming the weather for four deaths in the midwest, missouri one of the hardest hit areas and heavy snow is causing the roof of this particular building to collapse. luckily, no one was inside at the time. keep is here on the fox news channel for all of your headlines, i'm jamie colby. >> cameras and action. >> neil: talk about a health care disaster movie. because the way this is playing out, parents you don't have a potter to you know what in. in orlando, some of the super heros are sick because spider-man is caught in the web and the hulk green, and dropping health care for the part-time workers because of the health care law. charles, we saw some of this, some of the benefits of the
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part-time coverage and the coverage for companies that provided are wiped away. >> a lot of the companies were getting temporary loopholes or set asides. and burger king actually said, can we have the definition of full-time worker 40 hours inhe stead of 30 hours, that would save some jobs and certainly all the companies are scrambling, figuring a way to keep the employees and meet the crazy obligations of bank of america obamacare, i haven't heard one good story. >> neil: the irony we have poor people without health care because of disruptions like this and readjustments like this. eventually, it's a promise it will be brought on board and presumably the part-time workers, but more without now. >> we have no idea, actually, how many people will lose coverage from their companies. the cbo back in 2010 estimated that 3 million people would get dropped from employer sponsored plans. that number doubled in two years and at least the estimate-- >> leaving aside those who are
10:46 am
still in plans, saw their premiums skyrocket. >> because you're seeing the costs go up so much, companies are dropping spousal coverage from their plans and there's no way to know. if you've got 50 employees that work 30 hours or more you've got to give them health insurance. you'll see people working fewer hours and companies not hiring because they don't want to hit the 50 employee threshold. >> neil: ben, what do you make of this? >> there's a great economist from the mid 20th century frank knight he said take advantage of all government subsidies. this is a clear example of that. people are taking advantage of a gigantic subsidy through obamacare and of course, it's not free. the rest of us are going to be paying for it. and upper income taxpayers, especially, will be paying for it. there's a surcharge on us. we're going to be paying for it. turns out it's another obama transfer of wealth for hard working people to middle income and lower income people
10:47 am
and that's all right with me, that's the way that life is supposed to work. let's not kid ourselves, that obama has a miraculous way of bending the health care curve. that's just nonsense. >> adam, then, do you feel guilty? >> every day, neil, not because of this. (laughter) >> that's good, that's good. >> i enjoyed the cool brands that we had an opportunity to show at the beginning of the segment. and what we didn't talk about is that this affects about 3% of universal orlando's 17,000 employees that they-- the other 97% they're continuing to cover. at the end of the day-- and ben is right. you should take advantage of a subsidy when you can. at the end of the day, we'll cover tens of millions of more americans than were being covered before and i suspect-- >> but we're not at that point. >> we're not at that point and those who have their coverage, including, i suspect, those full-time workers at universal studios who will continue having that coverage, they're
10:48 am
paying through the nose for it. and my daughter as an example. her premiums have gone through the roof. and she's not a wall street banker, she works with kids and it's going through the roof there. and how did that happen? that was not envisioned. >> but before this, what we were doing as a society was paying for people to go to the emergency room when they didn't have health insurance, this is-- >> and cheaper when we're doing it then? >> that way, because it's going through the nose right now. >> i don't know that anecdotal evidence proves that point, neil. we're going to have to wait and see and when the regulations are fully written. when it's fully enacted if that's the case. >> and 24% in two and a half years, so that's the not anecdote heal, that's like, doh! that's not welcome. >> but it doesn't prove anything. >> neil: proving to me that health care coverage is going to be a lot more expensive and you, mr. president, told me that wouldn't be the case and you, mr. president, told me if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
10:49 am
and you, mr. president, said that this was going to be utopia on earth and everybody would be covered and the days of people running to emergency rooms to be looked at for a bad cold or worse, were over. not happening. >> i feel guilty, neil after all of that. >> neil: so you should. >> and we're not done-- >> and what he is you've inflicted on all of us. >> and over there, i can give you-- >> charles, it's going to get worse. >> it's going to get worse, you know, the anecdotal evidence is going to get much more painful. so, just brace for it. >> neil: the higher taxes. >> the landscape is changing for health care in this country and not for the better. >> we're all going to become incredib incredibly angry. >> and now, getting kicked in, and paying at the pump and the
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pipeline. how would you feel if your schools played its football games at a prison park. one university slammed over selling the naming rights to a company that hello-- someone's message to those critics? lock them up. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team
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will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. >> coming up, crying foul over a big money name game. catching heat for naming a football stadium after a company that owns
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>> all right. a big score or a big foul? florida atlantic university is getting 6 million bucks from a family called geo group and
10:54 am
they're getting grief for it. why? because the company runs prisons, but the school is the latest of offsetting rising costs to selling the naming rights to anyone who has the money, in this case the prison company. so it makes me wonder whether we'll soon be seeing the ben stein lecture hall at his alma mater at yale. would that be a good or bad thing, ben? >> a great thing, but i don't think that yale will do it because they don't name halls for republicans. (laughter) >> adam, what do you think it is? >> republicans. you know, i think this is about college sports which is already such a corrupt, money grubbing business. i say take the money, who cares? >> what do you think, charles? >> i agree with adam. take the money. >> neil: whoa, whoa, whoa. i think we have a fox news alert. come in handy. you agree with adam. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> thank you, charles. >> i do, too, and particularly if it prevents it from raising tuition. >> exactly, you hit on the key point, that invariably the
10:55 am
idea, just in movie theaters they started the nonsense they were going to do commercials and contain ticket prices. it did not, you lying scum. and when has it ever been-- >> that's harsh. >> ben? >> that's too harsh. you know i'm right. >> too harsh. >> neil: and started commercials and the movie tickets are still like outrageous, so, that's-- you're right and if it defrays cost, it won't. >> it won't, it's about more money from the athletic department and everybody knows it. it's a lie it will pay for professor or extra books in the library, no way. >> it's only a problem if the cheerleaders start wearing orange jump suits. >> i wouldn't have thought of that. (laughter) >> cut off. >> neil: stop, i want to thank dagen very, very much. a lot more coming up, including the market looking so good, so good, ben stein is picking a stock. all right, we have charles payne agreeing with adam lashinsky and ben stein
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>> all right stocks to keep leading the market are still high. ben? >> mr. buffet loves railroad and i love railroad. ctx. i love it. >> i love railroads even before warren buffet and i also like gen deletessee wyoming. >> what are you doing. i am in awe of ultrasalon. it is an amazing company. stocks got hit. forget it it is an amazing buy. >> adam? >> i hate to doubt you, charles. but it sounds fattish to me. >> what are you doing, adam? >> a company call would home away. they help people to rent out

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